Mindfulness: Never Burn the Bridges You Used Once

His voice was very sweet. My mind was craving for his loving words. Life is not as easy as we think. That’s the challenge or thrill of life. Whatever is available today has to be lived fully.

Lao Tzu says it is the true path of life. The elder person who showers his love and affection to me is around 80 years old. Sometimes words truly represent our lives. This person who had called me, doesn’t come to my house and I don’t go to his house. It is not that we don’t want, but sometimes wish is not enough.

So, I requested him that sometimes life gets the punishment even if there is no fault form any of the either side. This is the compulsion and love of a father that he never asks his son why he doesn’t come to his house. But he knows everything.

We could not meet since long because our timing couldn’t match. Everyone in his home had my number, and he didn’t want to seek it from anyone.

We should not complaint about elders. We should just love them, because life is not so long as we assume. We must take care of our roots. This phone call was like watering the roots. If not love at least bridges of love must be maintained.

I just want to say that life is not only about choosing between right and wrong. There is a lot in between.